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August 29, 2017 Prof. Aiguo Wu's Visiting

TitleMetal Oxide Nanoprobes for Cancer Magentic Resonance Imaging and Therapeutic Visualization

SpeakerAiguo Wu Prof

Report SummarySignificant progress has been made in early diagnosis of cancers. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has its advantages such as no radiation, deep penetration, high spatial resolution and soft-tissue sensitivity compared with other imaging modalities for example, computed tomography (CT), poistron emission tomography (PET) and optical imaging etc.. Particularly, the use of MRI contrast agents further provides the more precise data, and will greatly help the early diagnosis, visualization therapy, and prognosis evaluation in cancer. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop MRI contrast agents based on inorganic nanoprobes for visualized theranostics in cancers.

In this talk, we will discuss about the recent progress of metal oxide nanoprobes as MRI contrast agents in our research group. It could be better for providing the opportunity and challenge of MRI contrast agents based on magnetic inorganic nanoparticles in clinic in future.

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