Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
State Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering

Lab Members

Graduated students

Ph.D Hongmei Liu

Ph.D Yan Li

Ph.D ChenMeng Qiao

Ph.D Yanhui Li

Ph.D Zhuyan Shi

Ph.D Weihong Ji

Ph.D Linying Liu

Ph.D Zhiguo Lu

Ph.D Ruiyuan Liu

Ph.D Jie Shen

Master Zhiguo Lu

Master Heng Deng

Master Yanqi Zhong

Master Miao Zhang

Master Ruilong Zhang

Master Bingbing Hu

Master Ran Zhang

Master Jingli Chen

Master Yaqiong Dong

Master Xiangyu Wang

Master Huan Peng

Master Qiulian Hao

Master Jingwen Wang

Master Wenli Wang

Master Xinyu Qu


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