Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
State Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering

Professor Xin Zhang

Vice-Director, State Key Lab. of Biochemical Engineering
Professor, PI, 国家杰青 
National Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering
Institute of Process Engineering
Chinese Academy of Sciences, 100190, Beijing, P. R. China
Tel: (+86) 10 8254 4853
Fax: (+86) 10 8254 4853
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Research Interest:
Biomaterials; Drug delivery; Diagnostic imaging; Vaccine adjuvant; Stem cell therapy

2004-2008: Ph.D. in Life Science: University of Strasbourg, FRANCE
2001-2004: M.S. in Materials: Tianjin University, CHINA
1997-2001: B.S. in Polymer Materials: Tianjin University, CHINA
Professional Experience:
2010-Present: Professor, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA
2008-2010: Assistant Professor, INSERM, FRANCE

Contributions within Five Years:
More than 80 research papers published in peer-reviewed journals, including Advanced Materials, Signal Transduction and Targeted TherapyACS NanoJACS, and Science Advances, which have been cited overall more than 1800 times; one Chinese Book chapter entitled "Gene therapy drug mimetic membrane system" and one English Book chapter entitled " Lipopolyplex nanoparticles for tumor targeting theranostics " published at 2013 by Science Press, China, and 2014 by Higher Education Press, China, respectively; 15 patents.The membership of Editorial Board of Theranostics and Bioactive Materials. Themember of the council of “Nanobiology Academic Subgroup, Biophysical Society of China”. Themember of the youth committee of “Chinese Society for Biomaterials”. “Young Scientist Award” by “Chinese Society for Biomaterials” in 2018, “Young Innovator Award in Nanobiotechnology” by Nano Research in 2018, “First Prize of Ministerial and Provincial-Level Science and Technology Awards” in 2020“Second Prize of Beijing Natural Science” in 2021.

Professional Affiliations:
Membership: American Chemical Society
Committee Membership: Chinese Society for Biomaterials
Committee Membership: Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering


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